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Our journey in search of meaningful jewellery

Bespoke jewellery is a fusion of the client's desires and the skills and knowledge of a craftsman. For the result to meet your expectations and convey exactly what you wanted to express, the key element is cooperation during which we will combine your vision with my creativity. At the end of the road, you will receive jewellery in which your feelings, memories or thoughts will be enchanted, set in accordance with the best jewellery standards.


The first and most important stage of our cooperation is a complimentary consultation. In response to your inquiry, you will receive a set of questions that will allow me to understand your vision and expectations. The questions contain key information about the project, such as:

  • What should the jewellery be made of?
  • What stones should be used?
  • What is the purpose of the jewellery? (i.e. a gift or an everyday jewel)
  • What would you like to express with your custom jewellery?

Some of the questions may be personalised, as I need to learn your needs, preferences and style. For me, bespoke jewellery is all about telling your story, and I need to hear it to include it in the intricate decorations of precious materials.

Design and Acceptance

Having all the necessary information about your dream jewellery, I create an initial visualization in the form of a watercolour sketch. I would like to emphasize that this is an exceptionally important stage in our creative journey. It is now that we will put the vision into practice for the first time. A watercolour sketch is not only the first attempt to meet your expectations, but also an opportunity to check whether we both have the same piece of jewellery in mind. At this stage, we can easily determine if what I designed was what you wished for and make changes where necessary. Once we have come to an agreement and the concept of your jewel is clear, I will move on to creating a more detailed sketch and you will have the opportunity to evaluate again. At this stage, it is possible to easily add additional elements, change stones or even shape.


Once I receive your final approval after viewing the sketches, we can proceed to implementation - I start working with the materials. Your vision is finally starting to materialize!

As I want you to be present in the entire process of creating such personal jewellery, I regularly send you photos of the work progress. It gives you confidence that your order is being processed with due diligence and care; and besides, it is really interesting!

Project Completion

Now that your individual jewellery is ready, it's time to properly showcase its beauty. For this purpose, I send you professional photos of the finished jewellery and a short video to show how presents itself in motion. Shortly thereafter, the jewellery is shipped straight to you!

Thus, our journey together comes to an end, resulting in the presence of your dream jewellery in your hands. I hope that it was as pleasant and developing for you as it was for me - and that we will have more opportunities to together create something meaningful! 

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